Hi there,

We’re here today for an important announcement that concerns your data.

If you’ve been following the news, data theft has been going on left, right and center. Though most companies would not acknowledge that they’re selling your data that you signed over to them (accepting those Terms and Conditions that you never read), here at simonmanuel.com, we do not sell or divulge your data in any way (pinky promise!).

We went full HTTPS back in 2016, when it wasn’t even necessary, for the simple fact that you, our readers/listeners, will not have their data stolen even under the most vile attack on our servers. We do serve cookies (like 100% of all other websites), that help us to serve posts better to you. We do not however, collect ANY personal information.

In one use case example, we send out notifications only at an appropriate time that does not disturb you in any way. At no time are we able to pin-point the data collected to you or your device. Neither do we know who these notifications go out to, where you’re from or what car you drive (you’ll have to get in touch with the NSA if you need that information, haha!).

From the 25th of May, 2018, GDPR regulations come into force that affect websites serving content to mainly people living in the EU. However, we at simonmanuel.com would like to extend the benefits of these regulations to all our readers/listeners, so you can sleep at night knowing that your data is safe & secure.

Thank you for being supportive and we will continue to serve great content to you!

If you have questions, please do leave them in the comments below, so we could clear any doubts you have.

The warmest of regards,


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