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Passwords! Ever get tired of creating and remembering them all?

Passwords, passwords, passwords! Ever get tired of having to remember all of them? Using ONE password for all your accounts can lead to you losing access to all of them after being hacked, once!
Well, here’s something I’ve been using for years now and most of my passwords look like this=> ,GUa7|W?6:i=
Read on to find out how you can keep your passwords safe!

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Suicide is never the answer!

Depression is hard to handle if you’re fighting it alone. Regardless of how hard life can get, suicide is not the answer. It never was and it will never be! Speak up!
I share a little bit of my own experience with such thoughts,

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Are you sleeping enough?

It’s about 2:30 am as I write this. My sleep tracker says ‘Try not to stay awake at night’ right now. The average amount of ‘sleeping’ time that I’ve been getting is between 6 and 7 hours a day (not night, day. sigh!) If you’ve read about the tragic passing Read more…