Imagine shooting home videos around your daily life, creating 8 videos of about 25 minutes each and then selling that series to HBO for $2 million! Welcome,Ā Mr. Casey Neistat.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, Photo courtesy: HBO

Photo courtesy: HBO

Casey Neistat is a well-known name in the realm of film-making and more recently, a massive YouTube celebrity. He is a self taught filmmaker who produces some of the best-looking content on the internet.

If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then you’re doing it wrong. – Casey Neistat

At the age of 20, Casey moved to New York City with one dream – to become a film maker becauseĀ according to him, ‘it sounded so much cooler than ‘dishwasher’.

His story is one that tells you that you can be anything you set your mind to be. Hard work and gritĀ are what have helped him get this far. Linking the video down here if you want to listen to Casey himself (get some tissues too, you’re gonna need them!) describing his journey this far.

YouTube Success

Casey started his YouTube channel onĀ Feb 15, 2010. His first video is a PSA telling people when they could use the emergency break on the subway. Casey’s unique form of story-telling thru video has helped him pull in a huge following.

OnĀ March 24, 2015, Casey started his daily vlogs. Unlike others who use it as a form of logging daily activity, Casey used it more as a forum to talk to people. He is on his way to hitting 6 million subscribers when only a year and a half ago, he was at about half a million subscribers.

His daily videos on average receive over 2 million views. Ad-revenue alone makes him one of the most successful Creators out there. However, on November 19, 2016, Casey decided to stop daily vlogs since they were not challenging him anymore. He did not like the idea that he now had a formula that helped him put out a video a day, without being challenged much. This kind of work ethic is what makes him the best in his trade.

Casey will not stop uploading to YouTube but continue to make short movies that he will be putting up regularly.

Mail Time

One of those things that Casey is loved by video gear and sporting equipment producers, is his popular mail time. He originally started this segment so he could pull out and un-box fan-mail on his vlogs. Companies seized the opportunity and started sending samples and prototypes so he could open them on his vlogs. ThisĀ ‘sponsored’ segment didn’t go too well with Casey and hence he had to discontinue the regular series.

However, manufacturers like DJI, GoPro and Boosted BoardsĀ still send him a ton of stuff even before they are released to the public. Drones, cameras, gimbals, video stabilisers, time-lapse heads, et al – all sent as gifts to this amazing human being!

If you haven’t watched his videos already, you must go check out his channel – you will be blown away. If you’ve got a passion for film-making, this guy will set you out on the right path. Watch a couple of videos of his and you will never be the same again – or at least your view of the world!

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