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Shonduras (Shaun McBride) is someone who can brighten any kind of day you’re having. He is a YouTube celebrity who did not start this way – well at least until he found how powerful social media is. His story and life is one that inspires positive living –! His name is a combination of ‘Shaun’ and ‘Honduras’, a place where he spent 2 years on an LDS mission. On his return from Honduras, his friends called him ‘Shonduras’ and it stuck.

Life before Snapchat

Shaun McBride is one of the most fun-loving people out there on the inter-tubes. He has always been an adventurer and it was a dream since he was kid to own a skate shop. There is one thing he says that he hasn’t done till now – growing up!

He begun an online jewellery business using Facebook, targeted at mums (who during the time were taking over Facebook). It is then that Shaun tasted online success and realised that there was massive potential. His jewellery business flourished and raked in the dollars. This is around the time when Snapchat was invented. What followed is what makes him a massive online influencer.

Snapchat and beyond

Snapchat at the the time that it was introduced, was only meant to share images that were ‘explicitly short-lived and self-deleting’. This was probably the last platform that anyone could use for growth. Shaun however made it a much sought-after app by different brands for their marketing efforts. He used his ideas of story-telling that helped brands use Snapchat as part of their marketing strategies. After months of not finding any brands to work with (even after the mention on Forbes), Disney finally pulled through and struck a deal with Shaun. The rest, as they say, is history!

He now spends time putting up daily vlogs that he calls the ‘Best Day Ever’. You can see how his vlogs have a very Casey Neistat-like experience (last week’s article in case you missed it). He is also creating Snapchat stories for brands who pay as much as $30,000 for advertising deals. If you’re interested in finding out what brands he works for, here’s Shonduras’ brands.

Even with all this success, he is still level-headed and one of the most down-to-earth human beings you’d find. His videos ooze of positivity and give you that little boost to start the day (or end the day) on a super positive note. Do take some time out to check his channel out and make today, your BEST DAY EVER!

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