Welcome to my blog/site where I will be logging some of the things that I am currently working on (and possibly reveal things which wouldn’t normally spring up in conversation). The only reason I decided to start blogging was for the (sometimes) unquenchable need/desire to write (and keep writing) that had been kept under wraps for a very long time.

This will be my outlet to the outside world (for the most part) and I hope to inspire at least a few people that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to!

To keep things short, keep living the dream; don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something (especially when it is your own self). In everything you do, make sure you’re taking tiny steps (everyday) to becoming a better human being. Check back regularly to find posts that will inspire you to get closer to your goals for life. Cheers to many victories to be won along the way! Godspeed!

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